If you face traffic or criminal charges of any kind, you need a knowledgeable law firm that can help you understand what you are facing and build a solid defense.

Meaney Law PLLC will evaluate your case to make sure certain procedures were followed to ensure your rights have not been violated. We are well-versed in the law and know what to look for in the police report and when interviewing witnesses. We will also communicate with the prosecution to gauge how strong the case is against you and negotiate the best possible resolution, or we will take your case to trial. While we cannot guarantee an acquittal or dismissal, we will work with you to build a solid legal defense based on the particular circumstances in your case.

At Meaney Law PLLC, we will zealously represent and counsel you as you deal with a stressful criminal or traffic case. To set up a consultation with Andrew Meaney, call (631) 427.2900.

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Meaney Law PLLC helped me to keep my home. They were thoughtful and accommodating to my needs. Andrew and James treated me like family, not a client. I would recommend them to anyone. Meaney Law PLLC really helped me more than you can imagine. I never thought I could have recovered from that and keep my home. Thanks again!

~ Lori Y., Northport

We were first-time homebuyers without a clue of how the whole process worked. Meaney Law PLLC took the time to explain everything to us in clear, understandable language, from the time we signed the contract to the day we finally closed. When a problem came up on the title report, James and Andrew went above and beyond to take care of it, and with their expertise, we were able to close on time. Thank you Andrew and James!!

~ Susan L., Huntington

My husband lost his job and were getting in over our heads with debt. After a few unfortunate failed attempts at directly asking out mortgage company for help , we found Meaney Law PLLC. Not only did they get us into a mortgage payment that was affordable for our family, they were so understanding and compassionate. Andrew and James were reachable and honest through the process and truly cared about helping us. They never left us hanging and always followed through with their word. If it wasn’t for Meaney Law PLLC, I’m not sure we would be in our home today. We are so grateful!!!

~ Angela B., Kings Park.

Meaney Law PLLC handled the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our current one. This involved multiple parties on a very tight schedule and could have been a very stressful experience but everything was concluded on time with a welcome lack of drama.

~ Richard T., Lloyd Harbor